Friday, June 28, 2013

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

(Release) Le bot 7.6 free download

What's New?

What's new?
Fixed the Find the Stonewrit bot;
Fixed the Exercise 3 bot;
Added screen hopping on the SoulSeeker bot;
New interface.

(Release) Le bot 7.5 free download

What's New?

Added all five Blade of Awe bots;
Added SoulSeeker LT bot;
Removed the non-mem Voucher from the Mana Golem auto-loot.

Hotkeys :
F1 Opens the bank
F2 Options menu
F3 Bot Manager
F4 Lists
F5 Packet Spammer
F6 Auto Relogin
F7 Use Boosts

Monday, June 17, 2013

How to get "Blinding Light of Destiny"?

"Blinding Light of Destiny" is one of the coolest weapon of AQW. Some people do not know how to get this
coolest weapon. This post will help you to get this awesome weapon.
Clicking on the weapon causes everyone to say "Battle on!" and
do the /cheer emote. It also triggers special music.
It also Does 25% 51% extra damage against Undead Monsters.
When you get this weapon you will obtain a character page badge.

Well, now i'm going to tell you how to get "Blinding Light of Destiny".
First you have to join in necropolis and open Artix quest.

I will tell you how to do those quest. :)