Monday, July 7, 2014

Way To download YouTube videos using mobile

Some people don't know how to download

YouTube videos by mobile.

In this post I will teach you how to download

youtube videos using opera mini.

There is a third party service which

will help you to download YouTube

videos using opera mini.

1. First lunch opera mini and go to settings, then

turn off "Single column view".

2. Now go to

3. Now look at the search bar, search for any video.

For example- You can type "Surprised Kitty (Original)"

in the search bar and then click on search.

4.Now select video

Note: Do not click on watch video

5. Now look at the address bar

and click on it, there you'll see an address like

this - "".

6. Now delete the "m." and type "ss". Now

your address should look like this

"" click ok,

a new page will pop up.

7. On the new page, you will see some different

video formats like - .mp4 .3gp .flv"etc.

Click any of them.

8. To save your video,

choose any folder you like and click "save/download" button.

Try it by yourself.

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