Friday, January 2, 2015

AQW - Answers for J6's Quiz

The answers are given below:

Question 1. Where J6 was spotted last?:
Answer : Westion (Westion)

Question 2. Who saw J6 last?
Answer : Joe Jingle (Joe Jingle)

Question 3. What did J6 steal?
Answer : Crystalized Dragon Breath (Crystalized Dragon Breath)

Question 4. What is J6's weapon of choice?
Answer : Dual Revolovers (Dual Revolvers)

Question 5. What is J6's eye color?
Answer : Green (Green)

Question 6. What is J6's class
Answer : Thief (Thief)

If you can answer all the question then you will get "Coordinates to Hyperium".
This item will help you to navigate through "J6's secret hideout map".

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