Wednesday, February 21, 2018

AQW - How to get Golden Laurel Achievement

To get Golden Laurel Achievement you have to complete the following quest-

1. Greenguard Champion Badge

2. Draconic Laurel Challenge
First go to Golden Arena (Type /join goldenarena in the chat bar). Then click on Aranx and accept the first quest which is "Greenguard Champion Badge".

Now go and kill Green Dragon (Type /join greendragon) to complete the quest.

Again click on Arnax and accept the second quest which is "Draconic Laurel Challenge". Now move to the 3rd screen of Goldenarena. There you can see "Blessed Dragon". Kill the "Blessed Dragon" to complete the quest.
*You may have to kill a single dragon multiple times*

Now open your character page to see the badge.
Good luck!

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