Sunday, December 8, 2013

How to get "Caladbolg"?


To get "Caladbolg" you must have to be a legion member and you need  "Altar of Caladbolg" and "Legion Titan". You can get "Altar of Caladbolg" from Twilly "Open Treasure chests!" quest. It's a house item and it is very hard to get. After that you need "Legion Titan". You can buy this armor from "Undead Legion Merge".

Now I will show you how to get "Caladblog".

Join in your house and equip "Altar of Caladbolg".
Altar of Caladbolg

Click on it and accept the quest.

Quest name: Pay Homage to Caladbolg
Base Level: 40
Altar of Caladbolg
Legion Titan

Note: Only owner can do the quest.
To complete the quest you need -
5 Legion Token x5 and
Soul Shard x1
Dropped by:
Dark Makai
Dreadfiend of Nulgath
Infernalfiend of Nulgath (Monster)
Skeletal Warrior (Lvl 25)
Undead Bruiser
Undead Legend (Monster)

Revontheus (Monster).


100 Gold
100 Exp
You may also receive, at random:


Note: To get Soul Shard type /join underworld. Now find the monster and then kill any of them.
It is very hard to get Caladbolg because it has very low drop rate.

/join underworld


  1. Do you know why its saying i need altar of calaborg when i already have it?? And i've tried to restart AQW and my PC and still not working, and i got it from a year ago :I