Thursday, April 24, 2014

PC shortcut keys

There are many shortcut keys for PC.

Shortcut keys are very useful to work faster.

Shortcut keys are given below >>>>>

1. Alt + Tab: Switch between open applications

2. Alt + Shift + Tab: Switch backwards between open applications

3. Alt + Esc: Switch between applications on taskbar

4. F2: Rename selected icon

5. F3: Start find from desktop

6. F4: Open the drive selection when browsing

7. F5: Refresh contents

8. Alt + Print Screen: Create screen shot for current program

9. Ctrl + Alt + Del: Reboot/Windows task manager

10. Ctrl + Esc: Bring up start menu

11. Alt + F4: Close current open program

12. Alt + Enter: Open properties window of selected icon or program

13. Shift + F10: Simulate right-click on selected item

14. Shift + Del: Delete programs/files permanently

15. Ctrl + F4: Close window program

16. Ctrl + Plus Key: Automatically adjust widths of all columns in "Windows Explorer"

17. Alt + F: File menu options in current program

18. Alt + E: Edit option in current program

19. F1: Universal help (for all programs)

20. Shift + Home: Highlight from current position to beginning of line

21. Shift + End: Highlight from current position to end of line

22. Ctrl + F: Move one word to lift at a time

23. Ctrl + G: Move one word to right at a time

Try it by yourself.


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