Monday, December 2, 2013

AQW- Best place to farm xp and class point

There are three place where you can farm xp and class point.
1. "Pirates" is a good place to farm xp and class point for low level player.
    Monster level - 40,
    Total Hp - 5621.
    Type /join pirates.
/join pirates

2. "Timespace" is another good place to farm xp and class point. It's better than "Pirates".
    Monster level - 46,
    Total Hp - 7057.
    Type /join timespace.
/join timespace

3. "Shadowrealm" is the best place to farm xp and class point. Because you can kill higher level monster in
    "Shadowrealm". REMEMBER that "Shadowrealm" is for players level 45 and above.
    Monster level - 53, 
    Total Hp- 6830, 7687, 8449.
    Type /join shadowrealm.
/join shadowrealm
Good luck!!!!



  1. Sir, I will be so honoured if you plz upload some mature video... I like your website but it should have every type of thing.......

    1. Sorry sir, you came to the wrong place for that kind of request.

  2. can you tell me a place to get lots of class points as i am lv65 and these places hardly gives me anything (3-24 class points per kill) if not a place where the monster's health is low but the lv is very high.
    P.s. Thanks for helping me become a pro!!!!!

    1. You can go to vordredbattle (/join vordredbattle). Join the
      room and kill DRAKATH. Next kill "chaos soldier" then move
      to the next room and you will be able to find level 52 evil
      warrior. Their hp is low and it's easy to kill, stay there and
      farm. If you don't like it then go to battlegroundd (/join

    2. Thanks dude your the best!!!!

  3. I am really low level...31... can i have some help on how to level up fast w/o ding? Pls? Thanks.