Sunday, August 4, 2013

AQW - How to go to "Nulgath"?

Here i'm gonna tell you how to go to "Nulgath".

Access Points:

     Hidden path through the Citadel caves. Requires Bone Dust x50 to enter portal room.
     /join tercessuinotlim from the Bone Room in Citadel.


   In addition to killing Dark Makai x50, you will be asked for the following misc. items to enter certain rooms:
     Aracara's Fang from Aracara
     Escherion's Chain from Escherion (Monster)
     Hydra Scale from Hydra Head
     O-Dokuro's Tooth from O-Dokuro's Head
     Strand of Vath's Hair from Vath (Monster)
     Cubes x50 at Boxes
     Bone Dust x10-50

Follow the directions down there to go to Nulgath...

     Nulgath/Skew: Left, center, upper left, down, middle, right,
     middle, right, right, left and left.

    Or look at those screen shots (Click on the pic to view them)


There you go. Now don't try to attack Nulgath. He will kill you if you do that.
Good luck hero!!!! ^o^ 


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